About Us

Mattson Photography is a team of sister photographers Kerry & Juli. We grew up in NH with a Mom who always had a camera on hand and took enough family portraits over the years to earn her the official title of family photographer.  From an early age we learned how important capturing the memories of your family really is. We both have a love for the arts with studies in photography, graphic design, drawing, painting and music. After many years of portrait photography, Kerry began photographing weddings in 2006 part time, which quickly (and happily!) turned into a full time job. In 2009 Juli officially joined the team as the 2nd shooter. We love working together and always have a lot of fun with our clients and their families. We travel all over New England, photographing couples in some of the most beautiful wedding venue’s around. With over 9 years of wedding photography experience we love working with our clients to create images that mean the most to them. We pride ourselves in providing a positive and relaxed atmosphere for our clients. We want you to have fun and enjoy what is to be one of the best days of your lives. We also like to have fun and be there in the moment with you! You can count on us to be there laughing and tearing up alongside you and your guests. Being involved in these moments helps us to capture the essence and true feelings of your day for you to remember for a lifetime.